PCB Planet Electronics Engineering Services

Our PCB engineering support services are highly flexible. We work with you to find the best solution to remove restrictions on your business growth, to cut your costs or to lower enterprise risks – or all 3 – whether you are a designer, a fabricator or an EMS provider. 

Is engineering data preparation restricting your business growth?

Typical scenarios include:

  • Too few engineers
    • We have a pool of 200 experienced Electronics engineers. Our Contract services give you your own engineering department in India.
  • Can’t find engineers to work nights or week-ends.
    • Our engineering services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Lack of capacity threatens customer deliveries
    • Our On Demand services deliver extra capacity whenever you need it for demand peaks, holidays or sickness.
  • Expertise wasted on low-level tasks
    • Send us your routine jobs. Focus your expertise on high added-value design and manufacturing tasks.
  • Engineering time lost on non-production tasks, especially quotations.
    • You need more and more quotations. They have to be accurate or you risk losing money. But if you don’t get the order you have wasted expensive engineering time. Our engineers can handle your data preparation for quotations and other non-production tasks. You get more engineering capacity, faster and more accurate quotes, and more satisfied customers. 

Do you need to cut costs and lower enterprise risk?

Offshore operation and economies of scale can reduce data preparation costs and free up expertise and financial resources to invest in other parts of your business. Our On Demand services deliver extra capacity whenever it is needed. You reduce the risks to your business caused by engineers leaving, long-term sickness, workstation breakdown etc.