PCB Planet was set up in 2000 in Gandhinagar, India to provide CAM support services to the global PCB market. In 14 years we have grown into a team of 200 graduate engineers fully-trained in PCB CAM and fabrication technology.

Our clients today include some of the most successful PCB fabricators in USA, Europe and Asia. They rely on us to provide the CAM support services they need to expand their businesses and cut their costs.

To our clients we are a seamless extension to their in-house facility, available 24X7X52. We have the organisation, the technical resources and the experience necessary to understand quickly what you require, implement the necessary processes reliably and accurately, and deliver job after job correct and on time.

Now we are extending our support services from PCB CAM to PCB designers and EMS providers, so that they can benefit from this field-proven business model.


Our size ensures service excellence. Our engineers have a clear career path which means that they stay with us – you deal with the same team for years. We have specialist in-house groups who reinforce a quality service through

  • New client liaison to roll out your chosen service faster
  • Training and personal development for our engineers
  • Developing new process automation and quality control procedures


Our commitment to the highest quality standards guarantees that the data you receive matches your precise requirements every time. How does it work ?


All our engineers go through a rigorous training and certification process. More

Data security

We have a fully-documented internal security system which we can reinforce with a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement if required. More


Good communications give you the same control as you have in your in-house departments. More.