1. What levels of complexity can PCB Planet’s services handle?
A. We provide services to meet the your specifications including high layer-count multilayers, flex-rigid and flex circuitry.

2. What is the maximum layer count you can handle?
A. This depends entirely on your requirements.

3. How do we track our orders?
A. You get a login id so that you can track your orders in the order-tracking menu. Otherwise just email us directly.

4. How can we send heavy data files?
A. Data is normally sent directly through the website. If the files are too large you can upload the data onto our FTP site and inform us by email on info@pcbplanet.com.

5. What kind of turn around time can we expect?
A. Turnaround time depends on the type of order, how complex it is, and how urgently you need it. You can set priorities on each order. We will deploy extra resources to meet special requirements, but if for any reason we are unable to meet your delivery time we will email you immediately.

6. How do we communicate?
A. You can contact us by email, messaging, Skype or phone.

7. Where do we start?
A. Contact one of our regional sales offices or mail us at info@pcbplanet.com .

8. How do you ensure security of data?
A. We operate in a highly secure environment with full data protection system compliant with ISO 27000.

9. In what format the drawings can be sent?
A. CAM data:
Standard Gerber (RS274D), Extended Gerber (RS274X), Ucamco/Barco DPF, Frontline ODB++, Excellon and Sieb and Meyer.
Drawings: DWG, DXF and PDF formats.