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PCB Layout

Through hole to SMT

Component library


Why use PCB planet’s design support services?

Shorter product life-cycles and shortages of critical components mean more new designs are needed on a shorter turnaround. PCB Planet’s engineering support services help PCB designers respond to these pressures.

  • Your design is ready but there is no time to prepare the PCB layout
    • PCB Planet’s skilled engineers can complete the layout to your rules while you concentrate on the next design.
  • A new project demands a new set of components to be entered into your CAD system.
    • PCB Planet’s massive component database means that our engineers can enter footprints and other critical data quickly and securely.
  • Component changes mean that you need to convert a layout from leaded to surface-mounted components.
    • PCB Planet has the component knowledge and layout skills to handle the conversion and deliver a set of production-ready tooling.

PCB Planet’s engineering support services bring wider enterprise benefits:

  • More reliable deliveries
    • When demand peaks threaten delivery schedules PCB Planet’s support services deliver extra capacity as you need it. Our services are available 24X7X52.
  • Lower costs
    • PCB Planet’s offshore operation and economies of scale can cut your data preparation costs. Reduce capital investment and operating, training and management costs to free resources for other areas of business growth.
  • Enhanced enterprise skills base
    • Offloading low added-value tasks to PCB Planet allows you to refocus your in-house knowledge base onto your core competencies.
  • Reduced enterprise risk
    • PCB Planet outsourcing eliminates the risk of lost capacity due to sickness, holidays or loss of key staff.