Engineering support services for the global Electronics industry.

PCB Planet is dedicated to providing world-class engineering support services to the global PCB industry. We use our engineering know-how to handle routine data preparation tasks so that PCB designers, fabricators and EMS providers can focus on their core strengths. PCB Planet provides the services you need to achieve a faster, more efficient and more cost-effective PCB manufacturing cycle.

PCB Design support

PCB CAM Services

EMS Services

Service flexibility

PCB Planet offers a unique choice of support services.

  • Contract support
    Your own engineering department in India.  The long-term solution for part or all of your engineering requirements with a dedicated team of engineers working only for you..
  • On Demand support
    You send jobs over as and when you need.  Take up extra capacity whenever your own engineers are overloaded due to customer demand, holidays or sickness.

Delivery times

Overnight delivery is standard for USA, Europe and Asia as we operate 24 X 7
4 hour delivery is available subject to capacity.