This script will optimize the circuit layer by given minimum and maximum value for annular ring and spacing.

Before you start:

  • Load the job.
  • Cleanup the job. Convert drawn pads to flash
  • Convert finished hole diameters to production hole diameters.

Inputs required by the script:

  • Give minimum value for layer-drill parameters, annular ring minimum and maximum value
  • Required spacing between pad – pad, pad- track & track -track .
  • Choose the optimize option sequence, like pad shaving allowed or not, track rerouting is allowed or not, neck draw is allowed or not

Output of the script:

  • Script will try to give the maximum annular ring given by the user and maintain the required spacing.
  • Optimize the layer for spacing violation by chosen sequence for repairing.
  • Generates the errors and can be viewed in error handling dialog box, in case where the clearance / optimization is not possible.