Contract PCB CAM service – your own PCB CAM department in India

What is the Contract PCB CAM service?

A dedicated team of PCB CAM engineers who will work only for you. They use your own CAM rules, processes and settings. They are lead by a Team Leader you have met face to face.

A stable long-term relationship you can build with confidence into your expansion business plans.

A fixed contract price even if you need occasional extra resources.

Your team

  • Typically 3 engineers per team to provide 24 X 7 cover.
  • Need fewer engineers? You decide their shift patterns to fit your time-zone.
  • Plus back-up engineers to cover for demand peaks, sickness and holidays.
  • Your whole team is trained and certified for your work.

Your Team Leader

One of our specialist client liaison engineer. He comes to your plant to learn exactly how you work. Then sets up mirror workstations using your own rules, procedures and scripts. He is your ongoing point of contact.

Delivery -4 hours, overnight, 24 hours

You set your priorities and track orders via our custom online interface – as convenient as if the engineers were in you own plant. We deploy your back-up engineers if you need more resources to meet a demand peak.

What does contract PCB CAM outsourcing cover?

We tailor our services to meet your exact requirements.Typical service levels are:

  • Data entry and analysis
  • Single image preparation
  • Panelisation
  • Complete output of all tooling and test data

How do we roll out the service?

We have a field-proven and well-documented roll-out procedure. Uniquely for our Contract PCB CAM service one of our engineers comes to your plant for 1-2 weeks to learn exactly how you work. More detailed information.