CAM automation

Automation for UCAM and Genesis

Use our automation expertise to improve the productivity of your in-house systems and reduce the risk of errors.

Our automation engineers are fluent in Java for UCAM HyperTools and Genesis scripts

Develop new automation procedures

Typical applications for new UCAM HyperTools and Genesis scripts include

  • Extending the capabilities of existing tools
  • Customising work-flows to your precise needs
  • Integrating CAM with other business systems
  • Maintain and develop existing automation procedures
  • We maintain and support existing HyperTools and scripts even where the original writers are no longer available. We will upgrade when needed to introduce new technologies or new procedures

Custom or off the shelf

We can supply custom solutions against your specification or provide off-the – shelf speed-up routines

Contact us to see how we can help you increase your CAM throughput